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Post 185: New York

I'd slept solidly for twelve hours, I woke up soaking wet but the high temperature of last night had thankfully gone. The motel bed was wet, .. and I mean really wet, .. I just hoped that housekeeping didn't think I'd been a naughty boy. Heavy rain was promised for the morning, ... followed by storms in the afternoon and then a clear day on Sunday.

I was quite close to the 'Hampton's', it would have been nice to see how the other half really lived, ... but I wanted to get to Triumph NYC on 6th Avenue as early as possible. I was starving, .. I stopped at a kosher deli and gorged myself on bread, soup and salads, ...... food has honestly never tasted so good.

I crossed the Manhattan Bridge and due more to good luck than good navigation, I found Triumph NYC at the first attempt. The tyre that I'd ordered hadn't arrived, .. but they had a 150/60/17 that would fit my bike. It was a 'Rennsport', a tyre more suited to track days than touring, I wont get 15,000 miles out of it, .... but needs must. Ordinarily, they don't provide a 'fitting service' on Saturdays, .... but today was different. With no access to the workshops, the Tiger was wheeled into the middle of the swish New York Showrooms where Randy dropped the wheel and fitted the new tyre, ..... $58. Many thanks to all at Triumph NYC for the amazing service and discount.

It's been a good day, .... the fever has gone and I'm feeling like a proper human being again. I caught the centre of the storms as I crossed from New Jersey into Pennsylvania, .... but the army surplus Gortex is still doing it's job. I've seldom ridden in such a combination of heavy rain and strong winds, .... but thankfully US roads drain quickly. The profile of the new tyre has lowered the gearing of the bike, it cruises 200rpm higher in top gear but it's hard to tell the difference, ... at least it's legal.

Riding in that rain was quite an adventure, ....the only downside to the day was that I lifted the bike onto it's centre stand for Randy to work on the rear tyre. Yes,...... the fever's gone, ... but the hernia is back and mighty angry.


Jason SImonds said...


It sounds like you are really ready to be going home. I am glad you found your way through NYC and have managed to get home WITH your bike.

As one might say in the western USA...

Awesome Dude!

Here's hoping the BBC gets its head straight and meets you at the airport for a proper welcome home and the final boost to the fund raising goals!

Anonymous said...


Pat from Triumph NYC here, wanted to let you know I checked out your blog. It was really a pleasure to meet you and hear your story. When you first pulled up before we opened I must admit our reaction was "who the hell is this guy? We open at 11" But once I got to speak with you I learned a lesson about New York City, as I am still a relatively new resident. I see people ride in on 40,000$ Ducati's every day and it seems like they "fit in" and I'm beginning to think its normal. I've been riding my whole life and I do not want to be lead astray with glitzy bikes and image (although I do ride a ducati) you reminded me about what motorcycles are really about, and also what matters in life. Family, compassion, and of course motorcycles. Good Luck on the rest of your journey.


'Blue 88' said...

Pat, .. it was a pleasure to meet you guy's and many thanks again for helping me out. I know you all went out of your way and myself and the Tiger are grateful.

All the best, .... and I hope it don't snow too much ;-)