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Post 167: Grand Canyon, Arizona

I'm sure that I can smell the 'wet paint', .. surely a team of Hollwood's finest set makers are running ahead of me, ...... painting the landscape before my arrival,... America just keeps getting better and better. Today I arrived at the Grand Canyon, ... it's overpowering, not just it's size, ... everything about it is both big and beautiful. I take a thousand photographs,... but not one of them captures what I saw, .. not one of them shows the scale or reflects the atmosphere of this amazing place. Mankind creates some wonderful things,.... but here in America, nature continues to exceed all of my expectations.

I've arrived at the South side, the road running to the East follows the top of the canyon offering spectacular views from 'pull-ins' at every turn. Here in America I've discovered the meaning of 'Relativity', .. or at least the 'Elasticity of Time and Distance'. Throughout Russia, I felt every mile that I travelled, .. forty miles took an hour, ... three hundred miles took a day. Here in America, the time and the miles pass in an instant. Every mile and every hour are filled with astonishing things to see and to do, .. time and distance have shrunk into small units of each day, ...... but sadly each day has too few 'Units'.
I spend the entire day sitting on various outcrops of rock looking down into the depths of the canyon below. I try to find places where the tourists don't go, .. inevitably these tends to be the places where they fear to tread. The bike is parked in official 'Car Parks', as I pull into them I try and walk away as quickly as possible. If I loiter, it's impossible to avoid conversation. These are conversations that I enjoy, conversations that give me the energy to keep moving each day, ... but conversations that eat time, .. time that I am now rapidly running short of.
I'm struck by the size and depth of this place, it is nothing like the photographs or video footage that I've seen before,.... it is 'Bigger', it is more 'Beautiful', .... it is an experience that I will never forget.

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