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Post 165: Route 66, Arizona

'Now you go through St. Louie, .. Joplin, Missouri and Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty. You'll see Amarillo, .. Gallup New Mexico, Flagstaff Arizona, .. don't forget Winona, Kingman, .. Barstow, ... San Bernadino, ..... '
I was happy to leave Las Vegas, happy to be back on the road, happy that the sun was shining for the 70th successive day in America. I was heading towards The Grand Canyon, .. I was moving East again. I crossed the Hoover Dam at the head of Lake Mead, ... I was in Arizona, Highway 93 South to Kingman. I knew the name, 'Kingman', I struggled to think why. I tried to put the name into context, .. 'Kingman Arizona', .... why did I know that name?
45 miles further South and I saw the sign for 'Peach Springs', .... that was a town that I certainly didn't know, .... but the road listed beneath it I did, .... Route 66. I followed the historical road to Seligman and then on through Williams towards Flagstaff. The road is straight, .... actually quite ordinary, ... but the fact that you know your riding Route 66 makes it an amazingly special journey. For 20 miles the road runs alongside the railway, a 'Santa Fe' train with four engines and countless carriages was rolling along beside me. I 'waved',..... the train 'Hooted', .. I waved some more, he 'Hooted' back, ..... it might sound childish, but for 20 glorious minutes, I was having the absolute time of my life.
In all honesty, I'd expected to pick-up Route 66 in New Mexico, I'd forgotten about the song and the Cities that it mentions. It's a long way to Chicago, ..... but I know that my relationship with the 'Mother Road' will continue.

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