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Post 184: New York

I'd arranged to meet Gail Goodman at the Motorcycle Express offices out on Long Island, .... she was leaving at 11am, .. no problem, plenty of time, .... I thought. For the past week I've been feeling rough; headache, fever, constantly cold, ... probably a dose of 'Man Flu'. This morning, the symptoms changed, ..... lets call it a serious case of 'Food Poisoning', ... even though I've eatten nothing for two days. It took me almost two hours to load up the bike and move out. Progress was slow, I got onto the New Jersey Turnpike, .. I was stopping every twenty miles for a break.

I entered Manhattan through the Lincoln Tunnel, heading for 495 West, the Long Island Expressway, .. I missed it, I ended up in Brooklyn. Two hours late, two hours after Gail Goodman had been leaving the office and I'm following 'CJ' in his breakdown truck, ... he's waving from the window, my signal to turn right and head out onto Long Island. Three telephone calls using up the reminder of the credit on my mobile phone, .. and I eventually arrived at the Motorcycle Express offices. Gail had everything prepared for my arrival. Her colleague Maire took me through the relevant paperwork to fly the bike from Toronto to Gatwick, ..... it wa's getting late but everybody was understanding. I was supposed to be back in Manhattan to meet Tom and Lisa in Chelsea, .. there was no way that I'd make it and even if I did, ....... I was in no state to do anything or go anywhere. Motorcycle Express kindly invoke a 'Special Discount', .... the amount that I was due to pay was reduced. They pointed me in the direction of a local motel, .. the discount covered the cost.

It's only when your feeling this ill that the comforts of a bed, a heating system, ...... and a bathroom that's never more than 5 yards away are really appreciated. Tomorrow I've got to get to Triumph NYC, ... the rear tyre is now showing it's canvas undergarments and needs to be replaced before Canada, ... hopefully sleeping in a warm dry bed will sort me out.

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