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Post 166: Williams, Arizona

It's Thursday 2nd October, I'm halfway between Flagstaff and Williams, heading towards the Grand Canyon. I've got half a tank of fuel, ..... I decide to fill-up. I'm waiting for my change when Dale Walksler introduces himself, he buys me breakfast. We stand eating and drinking at the side of his truck, he slides open the door and I'm amazed at what I see. Inside the trck, sitting side by side, are eight vintage Harley's. Dale is the Curator of 'Wheels Through Time', a transport museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.
When I think of a 'Museum', I think of exhibits,... when I think of a 'Transport' or 'Motorcycle Museum', I think of beautiful bikes that deserve to be ridden, but instead are sitting dormant in an unfamiliar environment. Dale explains that 'Wheels Through Time' is different,... the eight vintage examples in his truck are on their way to Death Valley,.... on their way to be ridden and enjoyed by enthusiasts. As his team film an interview with me, I'm invited to join them on their journey, .... it's so so tempting. Eventually, and with mixed feelings, I decline. Dale hands me a free pass for the museum and the offer of staying overnight in an 'Airstream' when I get there. He offers to give me money,.. a little support for my suffering budget, .... I thank him but once again decline, instead, I point to the 'St Teresa's Hospice' sticker on the Tiger. Dale and his Team are one of the nicest groups of people that I've met on this journey. I haven't looked to see exactly where Maggie Valley is on the map,.. or if I'm being honest, where North Carolina is, .. but I will visit them, they are great people....... and I'll probably always regret not joining them for a couple of dats in Death Valley.

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