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Post 177: Nashville, Tennessee

I'm still in Nashville Tennessee, .. I woke this morning feeling groggy, .... probably a result of last nights beer, I packed the bike and decided to lubricate the chain. That was a big mistake, .. six months on the road and I still haven't learned, ..... always put the bike onto its centre stand before you load the heavy luggage onto it. The hernia is now back, it looks as if it's about to give birth to twins, ... it feels as if it's about to give birth to triplets. It'll be alright tomorrow, I'll rest and use the downtime to take full advantage of the motel's bath and washing machine, .. which are actually the same receptacle, .. just not at the same time.

Last night, I watched the 3rd and final presidential debate on television. The debate itself was on the borderline of 'interesting', .. claim and counter-claim, accusation and denial, ... very little substance. Obama seemed polished, McCain seemed flustered, a fighter on the ropes, not quite 'Kennedy & Nixon 1960', .. but close enough in my eyes. The most interesting aspect was the post-debate news coverage. 'Fox News' had McCain winning the debate: 81% to 19%, ...... 'CNN' had the same results but with Obama taking the win, ...... were they really watching the same debate? I would have marked Obama as the winner, simply because he talked about the policies and didn't point the finger, .... but my opinion doesn't matter, I don't have a vote here.
Tomorrow I'll move on into South Carolina, the 'Wheels Through Time Museum' in Maggie Valley. I've been offered free accommodation in an 'Airstream', .. if you don't know what an 'Airstream' is,.. then check out Google Pictures. It sounds a little bit soft, but I've always wanted to live in one, ..... I thought they'd stopped making them back in the 1960's, ... they hadn't, you can buy one new today. Caravans may not be 'cool', .... but the 'Airstream' shatters that view, ..... I'm actually quite excited about it, ..... but please don't tell anybody.

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