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Post 171: Albuquerque, New Mexico

I've arrived in Albuquerque and I'm hoping to meet with Jason Kottler, a supporter of Poor Circulation from the very beginning. Jason lives here, he's offered to buy me lunch, ... but lunch has turned into dinner. I'm travelling, .... Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, it matters little. Jason rides a Triumph Tiger and had picked up the link to Poor Circulation through a US based Triumph Riders site on the web when we were back in Europe. It's great to actually meet the people who read this blog, ... so if you think your somewhere on my route, .. raise your hand and let me know.

It's the 'Balloon Festival' here in Albuquerque, the city is busy with tourists. I manage to find a motel room for the night, a motel that accepts the discount coupons that I found at the local gas station, a motel that is cheap.

It has WiFi, it has electricity, ... it has a shower with hot running water and large white towels that are possibly the softest that I've ever felt. As I sit typing this post, ... the bath is filled with dark blue water, ... beneath the scum on the surface are the remainder of my clothes. I have two of everything, socks, pants, tee shirts etc., ..... over the past few days I've become lazy, I've done no laundry. I have two hours before I'm due to meet Jason at 'Los Cuates' here in town, ... I have two hours to dry one full set of clothes. If anybody ever thought that travelling on a bike was somehow glamorous,.. then think again.

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