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Post 181: Culpeper, Virginia

I was lost, .... not dramatically so, I just knew that sometime this morning I'd missed a turning on my way towards Arlington. I was sticking to the back roads, .. enjoying the scenery, ... cruising gently and trying to stretch the remainder of the rubber on my rear tyre. I'm hoping to make it last until New York, .. probably another 500 road miles, ... I can't really afford to replace it until I get back to London. It should last, .... it's 'tread depth legality' depends very much on how you interpret the law, ... I just hope it stays dry.
I came around the corner and blinked, ... my mind had been wandering on these quiet roads, .... but suddenly I'd skipped countries. I was back in Thailand, .... either that or my dyslexia had suddenly deteriorated. The 'Sign' was written in Thai, ... I just knew that it said 'Temple', ... I didn't think it was a restaurant. I turned around and came back, .... the second sign was written in English, 'Wat Lao Buddha Avong'. I was intrigued, .... Virginia seems to represent the Christian heartland of America, a Buddhist Temple seemed totally out of place here.
Inside of the Temple it was quiet, aside from a couple of novice monks, I was the only visitor. I spent perhaps an hour there, .... inside of it's walls I could easily have been back in Asia, .. the outside world just ceases to exist in places like this. I sought 'Good Merit' for those that I care for and of course, .... the well being of the Tiger. I'm loosing count of how many times the bike has been 'Blessed' on this journey, ... but it seems to be working, ...... in a very nonsecular kind of way. Perhaps I should have asked the monks if they possessed a replacement set of valve seals or a Michelin Anakee tyre, ...... you never know your luck.


Anonymous said...

Amazing journey, makes better reading then Long Way 'Round, Down, Up or Anywhere'. Keep going, keep smiling, keep inspiring. (I didn't know you were a Buddhist, but I think t shows in your attitude). Thank You, Christine :-)

'Blue 88' said...

Thank you Christine and I will keep on smiling.
I'm not actually a Buddhist. I don't really have a religion but I fully support and respect evey individual's choices. I figure that there are five major world religions, .. thus 80% of the people will be dissapointed when they see exactly who it is that's opening the gates when their journey through life comes to an eventual end. I like to keep all of my bases covered..... Geoff