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Post 99: Vladivostok

Once again Poor Circulation is holed up in an old Soviet Hotel, …. this time room 706 of the Hotel Vladivostok overlooking the sea front. In common with the other Soviet Hotels, it’s reasonably priced but this hotel has been updated. Gone are the ‘Grannies’ who protect or watch their guests on each floor, gone are the obscure and antiquated bathrooms, gone are the mismatched linen and undersized bath towels, … the Hotel Vladivostok could be easily relocated to any European city, … almost.

The plan from here is to secure passage as directly as possible to North America, … hopefully to Anchorage in Alaska. Vladivostok Air is now operating weekly flights but it seems that the bikes will not be allowed to fly. I’d been informed that ‘shipping’ the bike would take a minimum of six weeks, …… but it now seems that it’s possible to reduce that time to three weeks. In the foyer of the hotel we’ve met an English couple, … the first English people that we’ve met since leaving Dover in May. Their 1980’s camper van has arrived by ship from Seattle and has taken just over two weeks. The ship that they used is now heading up towards Magadan before returning to Vladivostok and then back to Seattle in Washington State. It’s possible that the Triumph could be stored on this ship and America might actually be less than three weeks away.

Tomorrow, Monday 14th July I’ll meet with Yuri, an English-speaking shipping agent here in Vladivostok. If Yuri can do for Poor Circulation here in Vladivostok what Roman did for us in Volgograd, …… then anything is possible.

In the meantime I’ll try to track down Vladivostok’s famous motorcycle club, the ‘Iron Tigers’ and spend some quality time doing absolutely bugger-all, ……. because doing just that is relaxing, fun and easy on the budget.

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