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Post 91: Amur Highway

We’ve been riding the Amur Highway for over 1,000Km and for the last 800 the road surface has been deteriorating. Fortunately, until this evening we’ve avoided riding in the rain and have followed a storm front for the past two days. This evening we rode almost 100Km in deep mud through torrential rain, …. it was les than easy on our over laden street bikes with mismatched tyres. Until now the advanced rain has simply helped to stiffen the sand surfaces or bind together the rocks and mud, …. this had made the roads more manageable. The only additional benefit of the weather has been the reduction in the levels of dust thrown from the road by the huge Kamaz trucks reducing visibility to zero and making progress hazardous. On the downside however, ….. with every kilometre travelled the size and ferocity of the bugs and mosquito has increased exponentially.

In the past two days we’ve encountered more bikes heading west across Russia. First there was Yoshi, a Japanese guy on an Africa Twin heading up towards Finland. Yoshi told us of a lone Japanese girl some three days behind him aboard a small Suzuki and riding around the world for her second time. Two hours later we meet Yuki on her Suzuki Djebel 250, .. hot on the heels of Yoshi. Either Yoshi had over estimated his own speed, .. or underestimated hers.

Later in the day we see a Harley Davidson appear from the dust. It’s parked to the side of the road and we pull over. As the dust settles we see a line of similar Harley’s parked behind it and we’re introduced to the ‘Korean HOG’s’. (Harley Owners Group). There are twelve of them travelling in convoy with a large support truck from Vladivostok to Hamburg. We exchange stories and gifts and we’re assured of a warm welcome if we ever visit Korea. They are surprised to learn that the road they are currently travelling will not improve until they reach Chita, …… but the news of the road east for Poor Circulation is equally grim, .. more of the same and even less of the 92Ron petrol.

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