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Post 111: Goodbye to Vladivostok

Apart from a few incidents with Rodrigo, a Brazilian RTW Biker who began abusing the hospitality shown by our hosts, …. and my subsequent ‘quiet but firm’ intervention, my time here in Vladivostok has been without exception, …. Amazing. Leaving Roman, Slava and their friends in Volgograd had been difficult, .. but leaving Vladivostok will be much harder. Here in Eastern Russia, I feel as if I’ve been adopted by a new and amazing family. Yesterday a couple of members of the Khabarovsk chapter, who I’d met at the ‘Ride to Work’ rally in Usserijsk, had ridden down to the Box to wish me farewell. I’m sure that they had other business down here in Vladivostok, but that’s still a 1,000Km round trip. To these fine people, ….. friendship is everything.

It’s time to add my name and comments to the Iron Tigers Visitors Book, ... but what to write? In the end I decided on the following:

As a stranger in a strange land I came to Russia. A land where the police opened my wallet but the people opened my heart. Here at Vlad Moto in Vladivostok I found Mikhail and the Iron Tigers, …. for your generosity, friendship and support, …… I will always be grateful. Ride Safe, …. Geoff (Blue88)

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