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Post 100: Vladivostok Coincidence

Sometimes when you’re travelling some strange coincidences happen. To place the previous post into context, …. the story is as follows.

Sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Vladivostok I’m enjoying a tall latte and some free WiFi while searching the travellers information bureau that is ‘Horizons Unlimited’. I find a message about local support for Vladivostok customs clearance, … it’s from a gentleman named Phil who’s website is and the message is very new.

The post reads that ‘Yuri’ of Links Limited here in Vladivostok will provide amazing support for travellers wishing to enter or exit Russia and contains Yuri’s full contact details.

I post my reply as follows: ‘Bill,… many thanks for the information about Vladivostok support. If you look to your left, you will see a biker with ‘’Amur Highway Hair’’ and a ‘’Where the f**k have I just come from look in his eyes’’, ….. I’ll stand up and buy you a beer in two minutes, ….. Blue88’.
Welcome to travelling where such coincidences are daily occurrences, …. Almost.

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jeni said...

Coincidences or not, once I had worked my way through the other site's slightly less user-friendly blogspot, did you notice their post and your's is POST 100. Now that's coincidence.