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Post 105: Usserijsk 'Daniella Murdoch'

Before the sun had set across Eastern Russia on Saturday 19th July, we were introduced to a young Kiwi girl, .. I’ll call her Daniella because that is her name. Aboard her aging 'Honda 250', she has travelled from New Zealand alone, via Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam before arriving here in Russia. She will go on to follow the Amur Highway to Ulan Ude and drop down into Mongolia before conquering ‘The Stans’ and onwards to London.

Twelve months ago and having never ridden a motorcycle before, Daniella decided to ride a bike across the world to London. On this journey she has ridden roads and encountered situations in the remotest of regions that would have brought Poor Circulation to a grinding and tearful halt. As with all bike rallies across Europe, there was a long distance award for the furthest travelled biker. With 20,000Km under our belts this award would have been presented to Poor Circulation. However, respect where it is due, .. we declined the award and instead asked that it be presented to this Gutsy Kiwi Girl for each of her kilometres was worth a thousand of our own, ….. respect and admiration.

Unfortunately Daniella does not have a ‘Blog’, … but I hope that on arrival in London she receives the same warmth of welcome that she has received here in Russia. To help Daniella on her way, we were able to pass her into the hands of the Khabarovsk Chapter of the Iron Tigers who will ensure that her onwards journey is an experience never to be forgotten, ……………. and no doubt very safe.


Bob said...

Just wondering ... any idea why her "aging Suzuki 250" has "HONDA" printed on the front?

'Blue 88' said...

Errr,... do you remember me mentioning that I was 'Dyslexic?', ... add dim and drunk to that,... a very unsafe combo. Oppps!