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Post 101: Vladivostok Iron Tigers

Well,.. it's happened,.. this morning (Monday 14th July) we made contact with 'Max' of the Vladiostok Iron Tigers Motorcycle Club. He arrived at our hotel on his rather splendid customised CBR Blackbird.

We're booked into the Hotel Vladivostok until Tuesday morning, ... but after that time we'll hopefully be holed-up at the iron Tiger Club House.

Later today we're meeting Yuri who will hopefully enlighten us as to the best way out of Vladivostok, ... hopefully to Alaska, .... maybe Vancouver or Seattle, ... possibly San Fran, ... but definately somewhere in North America.
Update: We've met with Yuri and it seems that our best option is to ship the bikes directly to Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately we need a full container as they wont take LCL (Lees then Container Load). This will exhaust our 'Logistics Budget' at $2,500 each. We're hoping that a pair of Brazilan riders a few days behind us on the Amur Highway will be willing to share the container and cost. If so, then we have 5 weeks to kill as cheaply as possible.
We're moving out of the Hotel Vladivostok tomorrow, Tuesday 15th July and moving into the 'Clubhouse' of the Iron Tigers MC, .... so at least we'll save money that way. We will give our decision to 'Fly' or 'Sail' to our shipping agent Yuri tomorrow. It's time like this when you wish you were a famous actor with bags of money, .......... perhaps :-)


Frederik said...

Hey, if you wait ten days, i will make it to Vlad, too...
Great to hear that you managed the road and relationship without accidents.
Greetings from the mongolian border.

'Blue 88' said...

Rik, hope you missed Mongolian Riots, .. our Polish friends caught them we think. 10 days?, .. we'll probably still be in Vladivostok. Ride safe,.. enjoy the Amur Highway, .2,000Km of hell, .. we'll chill the Vodka @ Iron Tiger M/C Clubhouse, .. Blue88

Baza (bsvoc) said...

oi Blue,stop reading these and enjoy yourself lol.

goodbyetoallfat said...

Best wishes for the rest of the journey. I just got paid + was able to add to your fundraising page.

Best wishes,

'Blue 88' said...

Hey Sharon, ... Рун Ырфкщтбюю ерфтлы фтв эИкшдшфте Идщпб ююююю лууз ше гзю

Briliant blog,.. many thanks for the donation and keep up the great writing.

Geoff (Blue88)