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Post 88: Amur Highway

‘NO’, …. Of course I didn’t leave Alan alone in Chita. We discussed the ‘issues’ in great depth and Alan decided that he wasn’t yet confident enough to take the train to Vladivostok alone but was still very nervous about riding the Amur Highway. We’ve agreed to ride together to Vladivostok but on the condition that Alan begins to contribute more to the journey and begins to allow Russia to enter his heart.

To be honest, I could no more have drowned a puppy than have left Alan alone in Chita, …. but hopefully the threat to do just that will have spurred him into action. Certain issues will quite possibly always remain unresolved but I hope that over the coming weeks I can help him to gain confidence and accept the differences that make this world such an amazing place, … a place well worth visiting.

To brighten Alan’s day still further, …. I managed to crash my bike when looking for a rough campsite tonight, … no damage, … but I will try harder next time.

Note: I've had a lot of comments about adding 'Dates' to my blog posts. This is difficult as I write at different times and post when Internet is available. On the 'Progress' chart to the top right you will find the 'Last Updated' date, ....... plus, .. If I attach dates to the posts, .. you'll all know just how slow I'm riding.

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