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Post 47: Montenegro

We're advised in Croatia that Montenegro is really not a good place to visit, ... we're to be on our guard about the people there. That's funny, .. didn't the people in Italy say the same about the people we would meet in Croatia?.

Montenegro is the newest member of the EU, ... and it looks as if every road in the country is currently under construction. Unlike in Blighty, the roads don't close, .. you just sort of find a path, gentle on the throttle and hope for the best, ... fantastic solution but a little scary at times.

We're heading south for Albania, another country we've been advised to avoid, .. but as we're passing it would be rude not to call in. Montenegro is kind of like 'Croatia on a Shoestring', it's all there and you get much better value for money. You can't call the fuel 'cheap', but it's better value than the UK,.. but where isn't?.

We get held up by a rock slide blocking the road. We filter to the front and are surrounded by people we were advised to avoid at all costs. We chat, .. Yamaha? Kph? Power? Cost?, .. we answer as best we can, share drinks, pose for pictures and eventually move on. The people in Montenegro are no different to the people of Croatia, ... if you're told to avoid them then it's only by people who have never been, .. go there,.. see for yourself and you wont regret it.

At the next roadblock (resurfacing not rock fall) we meet the 'Montenegro Pirates' on an assortment of Bikes, .. heading south to meet with friends returning to Europe. We talk, we exchange numbers and if we're passing this way again, .. we'll call in for beer and tall tales of daring do, .... but sadly we're a day behind schedule and must keep moving.

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