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Post 46: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sadly leaving Milan and Maria behind us, we head down to Dubrovnik, a city in the south of Croatia that was loved and visited several times by my late parents Barbara and George. Now I understand why they loved it so much and why they almost wept at the sight of it's near destruction during the conflict of the late 1990's. The 'Old Town' of Dubrovnik is quite simply one of the nicest towns that I have ever visited.

The old walled city sits partly in the Adriatic Sea and it's narrow streets have avoided (almost but not totally) the 'tat side' of commercialism that affects so many similar towns around the world. Combine the amazing buildings and streets with the natural hospitality of the Croatian people and you have what must almost be the perfect mix. We've come across our first 'English Tourists' in Croatia, .. but other than that it has been an almost perfect experience.

Now I understand why my folks insisted all of those years ago that I come visit Dubrovnik, .. and Split, but of course I knew better back in those days, .. didn't I?.

In the morning before we leave we meet David from Washington State USA. We talk,.. he travels, .. he advises us on routes through America,.. things to see, things to avoid. We're invited to his home on the water above Seattle for Pizza, Beer and free camping, .. that's one more night sorted, .. a great guy with lots of good advice and we hope he enjoyed his journey to and stay in Bratislava. Alan's still suffering a little with a touch of 'Travelers Tummy', ... but on a brighter note, .. I'm fine ;-)

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