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Post 39: Schwartzwald

Were camping near the village of Linach in the Black Forest. We pitched tents outside of a ski chalet and enjoy the most amazing views into the valley at sunrise. We're at around 3,000 feet and I woke this morning to find ice on the inside of the tent which was fun. The sun rises above the mountian to the west at 6:05am, .... at which time coffee is served next to the small chapel on the mill pond from the Coleman primus stove for those that aqre awake, ... we might stay here for a couple of nights to get are act together before heading on. This whole area is amazing and a true bikers mecca, ... the roads are sublime. Even the bikers here have their own distinctive jaunty wave. We're trying to master our own 'Poor Circulation' responses but I think they're currently more 'fool' than 'cool'.

We took a diversion into Switzerland with Mark and Lee for their last day. It was uncanny approaching the border, .. the rolling hills and green grass. I defy anybody riding this route on a bike not to whistle the theme from The Great Escape, ... Steve McQueen I'm not, .... but 'Free' I am.

The Rheinfalls I've honestly never heard of but they are magnificent. We'll come past this way again when we have more time and take a closer look. It's a little like 'Niagra-Lite', but the sun is shining and I'm getting a tan, ..... what more could I ask for.

Alan's having problems with his Garmin SatNav, ... apparently it wont talk to him. He keeps faffing with the connections and I'm sure it'll get sorted eventually. (NO, I have not sabotaged it). I think it's 7 countries now and still my passport has never left my pocket, we just get waved through with a nod and a smile.

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