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Post 40: Switzerland

Mark Wallis and Lee Crahart have departed for Calais and today we moved on into Switzerland. More frost inside the tent this morning, .... but 'wow', what a sunrise. We headed towards the border grabbing breakfast at a small bakery with the most amazing coffee and served with a smile. Everybody is so friendly so far and it's a shame we're passing by and not interacting as much as I would like too, .... but we'll slow down a little soon.

Alan's SatNav lets him down again and I guide us to Rheinfalls which are truely amazing. We walk down to the base of the falls that I earlier described as Niagra-Lite, ...... forget the 'Lite' part, ... these are amazing and unlike Nagra, not surrounded by 'tat'.

We're heading for Leichtenstien and Austria later today which should take us to a total of 9 countries before heading back into Switzerland for the Stelvio Pass and down into Italy for a little lake hopping, ...... we'll keep you posted.

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