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Post 42: Onwards Into Italy

Our days seem to consist of packing tents, brewing coffee and eatting fresh pastries beside roads without names amid scenery without comparisson at home. It's impossible to say which view has been the best so far and it was a shame that Pass de Stelvio was closed. However, on a much brighter note, ... Pass de Giovo was open, .. WooHooooo. I fitted the CamCorder to the engine bar, hit 'record' and set off at a gentle(ish) pace towards the sumit. It was amazing, beyond words, ..... if you ride a bike you simply have to do it. At the top we drank coffee sitting in the snow, shirts off (not pretty) and bruned in the midday sunshine, .... fantastic.

The Alps have been amazing, but as we drop down and the temperature rises we eventually arrive in Riva del Garda and find yet another spectacular camping ground right on the West shore of Lake Garda. The lake is millpond smooth and the girls camping to our left offer Alan a welcomed distraction from his sore arse and Satnav Issues. (The SatNav is now thankfully demoted to his own personal 'MP3' player as we rely on map and compass, .. as it should be ;0). That evening we experience the first ever 'Poor Circulation' under canvas storm, and boy what a beauty. Sky black, winds howling and lake Garda like a raging ocean, .... Rain followed by hail and within 1 hour the place was awash. Thankfully, both tents float and no permanent damage was done.

That evening, the girls to our left, watched cloely by the boys to our right, smoked unidentified substances through a bubble pipe before courtship ritual began to the Euro Pop beats of unknown bands, ..... we love Italian Camping. Everybody here puts so much style in to everything that they do, .... we stick out like sore thumbs, dirty thumbs at that. Our evening is brightened by the arrival of our first 'Shell Suit' sighting, .... we begin to cheer up, Sweet.

Italy is great, but we're begining to rediscover 'congestion' and road manners are fast becoming obsolete, .. their's not ours. It's fast, it's furious and the beautiful parts are amazing, ....... but the Dolomites await us and so East we go. It finally feels as if we're changing from 'Tourist' to 'Traveller' and it's not a bad feeling at all. I miss home, but the people and not the location, ... London is a distant memory and hopefully long may that remain.

Oh, .. Italy seems not to keen on providing free 'WiFi', we even tried to steal some from McDonalds without success. We havn't shown our passports at any border crossing yet to get Internet access today, we have had to surrender ourt Passports to the cafe owner and 1 hour with no ability to upload photographs. (Sorry)

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