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Post 38: Baden-Baden, so good they named it twice

We followed Mark Wallis on his Pan European and his Garmin Satnav, we were back in France. We passed a beautiful looking power station on our left,.. then again on our right, ..... then again on our left while I wondered if the French actually had their own word for 'Deja Vous?'.

Belgium, France and Belgium again, but on such amazing roads why would I care. We stopped for hot brioche and real coffee in a town with no name, delicious. We headed onwards and entered Luxembourg at speed, .. still no passports. Lunch was purchased at a local deli and and eatten besides a picturesque road with no number in the blazing sunshine; bread, cheese, ham and Ardennes Pate', .. the best McPicnic in the world. Then it rained, it rained heavily, .. proper continental rain, but we still laughed in it's face and sheltered under army poncho's before heading onto Germany and the Black Forest, .... more of which later.

I'd like to tell you all about it, .. but the sun shines outside and I need to move along, ... the roads and scenery in this part of Germany are stunning and quite frankly, ... I could be no happier if I was licking neat prozac from Kiera Knightly's naked buttocks. Bye for now and enjoy yourselves at work this week, .... we sure as hell will.


texastengu said...
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texastengu said...

Nice photo. Kind of reminds me of Lewis Carroll's
Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
(Who's who?)
Just joking.