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Post 36: ´Dover Departure´

Unfortunately, I´m updating from an internet cafe and can´t upload pictures, ... but if I could it would just make you all jealous. (The 'Spellcheck' is also in German, .. very useful for a uni lingual dyslexic like myself). It´s Monday morning in the UK and most of you are making your way to work while I sit sipping Latte´ in the gorgeous sunshine of the Black Forest and my only concern in this world is wondering what the hell to write.

We left Braintree on Thursday evening only two hours behind schedule and with good friend Mark Wallis riding with us, ... just for a change it was raining. He were heading for Folkstone and once across the QEII bridge, Alan and Mark´s SatNav´s took them off down the A2 in the direction of Dover (Map 1 - TwatNav Nil). I arrived in Folksotne before them (Naturally :-) and for the first time in Poor Circulation memory, the rain had stopped and the sun was actually trying to shine.... Result. Within an hour, Mark and Alan had arrived followed by the fourth original member of Team Hap Hazard, Lee Crahart. The tents were pitched within a few yards of the sea and we headed into the harbour for beer and kebabs, .... I´m sure that it had not been that long a walk when I was a kid but at 40+ it nearly killed me. (*Memo to self: Next time more training and less pies). It was a great night and apologies to the good folk's of Folkstone and beyond for keeping them awake into the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday saw us arrive early (yes Early) for the complimentary P&O ferry to Calais. Unfortunately the ferries were running to a Poor Circulation timetable and we managed to blag our way onto the late running 6:50am ferry, ....... no passport required. We were away and for the first time it actually felt like the journey had begun and the sun shone bright for our departure. Next stop France and cheap fuel.

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