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Post 43: Italy

Along a road that appears on no map and has never seen tarmac in it's life, we arrive at Nevergal, tired, hot and dusty. A ski lodge offers camping at the rear, ..... it's rough but it will do, the view of the Dolomites is spectacular.

We meet Thomas, A German cyclist who arrives after us and pitches in the same field. He announces that the Pizza in the next village is both 'Extra Large' and 'Extra Delcious', but then he's cycling and probably needs the caloires, ... we're cocking about on motorbikes and certainly don't. (Most of each day seems to be spent eatting and drinking in front of some amazing vista, ..... it's a bitch of a job but someone has to do it. I really need to camp in some god forsaken craphole to bring me back to reality, ... this is just too good.

Frost inside the tent again when I wake, ... I didn't think we were that high when we pitched last night, ... but then the snow and ski lifts (Top Of) should have offered a clue. It's amazing how snow exists when the daytime temperature is so high, .. but then snow like this, 'proper snow', we just don't get at home. We ride out of Nevergal and follow a serpent like road to the south past 'Death Road Motorcycles' and judging by the roadside memorials, aptly named. We ride through a green valley between snow capped mountains and snaking 100m above us all of the way is a motorway flyover, no graffitti, so stench of stale urine, fantastic ...... one day all flyovers will be built this way but until then, ..... we have '*Gallows Corner' and '*Hammersmith'. (*Enter your own choice as appropriate)

We're close to Slovenia, bathroom facilities suggest that we're now more 'East' than 'West' and we're heading to Trieste in Italy. As we drop down on the 'SS14', the bay of Trieste comes into view, .... followed by the smell of coffee and the sight of stylishly dressed/undressed females (and males for our female readers of course). Alan announces that the girls here are both beautiful and fragrant in equal measures but I'm too busy wondering why 'Alfa-Man' is trying to mount my topbox to notice, ..... the driving here is so, .. well, .... Italian I guess.

I promise to really anoy you and post pictures soon, .. but until then just take my word for it, ... you've got to come here soon.

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