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Post 135: Seattle, USA

On arrival in America there was one thing that had to be done, ….. I had to eat from a menu that was written in English. That might sound a little weird, but it’s at least two months since I’ve seen a menu where every dish was familiar. I don’t think it’s that the food will be any better or worse than the food eaten in any other country, …… it’s more to do with the comfort of familiarity, .. to be able to order and eat without thinking.

In south Seattle where I’m staying until the Triumph is ready for collection, there is a Denny’s. Like a vegetarian returning from the darkside, I sat at the bar and drooled over a laminated menu of dreams. I ate breakfast; crispy bacon, sausages, eggs easy over and hash browns, all washed down with a bottomless mug of coffee and followed by pancakes with syrup.

It was delicious, in fact it was everything that I’d dreamed it would be for so many weeks, ….. but it’s done now and I’m over it. On the road I must've lost almost 30lbs, …. but I somehow feel that I’ll gain it back with interest whilst travelling through America.

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