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Post 133: Bangkok, Thailand

I've been asked to explain the 'Relationship' between myself and Nurse Wipa Klampeng (Pa) of the Sappaya Hospital in Chai Nat. The person 'asking' that question is non other than my brother, Alan.
Well, .. it is indeed a very long story dating back to the days when I first began making plans for Poor Circulation. I was looking for a route through Burma into Thailand, Laos, Cambodia etc., and I was put in touch with Pa who began helping me with translation. Sadly, Burma was never going to be a real possibility for Poor Circulation and it is a story far too long and complicated for inclusion in the blog.
Every cloud however has a silver lining and in this case it was meeting Pa. Yes she is beautiful, yes she is hilariously funny, .... and yes she can ride a motorcycle an awful lot better than I can. Pa and her colleagues at the Sappaya Hospital have supported us from the beginning, donating to our charities and sending special items from their temples in order to keep us safe on our journey. Perhaps it is a story, like so many of the other unrecorded events on Poor Circulation that will have to wait for a book, .. perhaps it is a story that will continue, ..... who knows?. However, what I can say is that the reputations of both Pa and Poor Circulation, ..... remain untarnished.
In the meantime, .. getting lost on the road has it's benefits. Here is another Temple that I bumped into accidentally. I could post another picture of Pa at the dam on the Chao Phraya River, ..... or in the Chai Nat National Bird Park, ... or riding a pair of bikes around her father's rice fields, .... but you probably think that I'm having far too good a time already.
Talking of having a good time, I'm apparently having a leaving party with some of the taxi riders tonight, but they seem to know more about it than me. Beer might be involved. Early tomorrow morning I'm off to Taipei and then onwards to Seattle to collect the Tiger. I will probably be away from the Internet for a few days but I will endeavour to catch up with any news as soon as possible.

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