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Post 123: Seoul, South Korea

This evening I met with Wendy Choi, the most able representative of Areo International here in Seoul. Wendy has arranged every detail of our bikes crossing through, and departing from, South Korea. She is professional, punctual and 100% reliable. Wendy also bought us dinner, ...... which perhaps casts some doubt on her otherwise faultless credentials, but without her help Poor Circulation would be struggling to meet both budget and schedule. A big Thank You to the lovely Wendy.

In earlier posts I mentioned our encounters with a young Brazilian RTW rider. We had not seen eye-to-eye on several matters and our parting at the port of Zarabino had come as a slight sweetener to the bitterness of not being allowed to board the ferry to Korea on our first attempt. Roderigo was a man in a great hurry, his ailing bike was brought here to Korea for an onward flight to Anchorage and his deadline of reaching New York by 31st August 2008. In conversation with Wendy, .... I innocently asked if she had enjoyed the pleasure of Roderigo's company. Wendy bowed her head slightly and her voice softened to an apologetic whisper, ........ 'sorry Geoff, ... Roderigo did not fly to Anchorage, ..... instead his bike is now also sailing to Seattle, ... same ship,.. same container'.

It would seem that although Brazil had overtaken England in this journey around the world, .... we are once again neck and neck. Thankfully Roderigo's journey will take him along the 48th Parallel whilst mine will take me south. Sometimes mercies may be small,... but never the less, .... most welcome.

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