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Post 121: Seoul, South Korea

It’s Monday 4th August and I’ve been here in Korea for almost a week. Seoul is a fine city, …. but after the forced wait in Vladivostok and then Zarabino, I’m itching to move onwards. It will be two weeks before the bike is ready for collection in Seattle, …. I’ve got two weeks to kill and a plan is beginning to form.

Flying to Seattle from Seoul seems to be the same price whichever way you plan the route, ….. so in my book that means ‘Adventure’. It will cost more to stay here in Seoul for twelve days than it will to travel to other parts of the Far East en-route to Seattle, … and so that is what I will do.

No real plan, .. it will depend on which is the cheapest flight on the day, ... and who I meet on the way. I enjoy this style of travelling, ….. ‘show up and fly’. As long as I arrive in Seattle on or around the 15th of August and keep within budget, …. it would seem rude to miss out on such an opportunity, ….. so I’ll let you know where I am once I land.

In the meantime I’ve had some rather alarming news from home. My daughter Hannah has decided that this summer’s fashion disaster should be ‘Red Hair’. I’m not going to warn her against doing it, .. we’ve all been there and we’ve all made similar choices. It's probably a mistake that through the medium of digital photography will certainly come back to haunt her, .... but it's her hair. Before I left home in May, Hannah donated £10 to my ‘Just Giving’ page and left a comment asking me not to embarrass her. Well, … if she can have ‘Red Hair’ then so can I, …. it’s not as if I’m going for any important job interviews in the next few weeks. So,.. you’ve been warned Miss Thomas, …. Watch this space.

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