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Post 130: Returning to Bangkok

My time in Chai Nat was all too short,... but then that is true of all of the places so far visited. I leave Nurse Wipa Klampeng and her colleagues from the Sappaya Hospital promising to return in the not too distant future.
I make my way out of Chai Nat on the road heading south towards Bangkok. The little Honda now feels like home, ... I miss the power and comfort of the Triumph but this little cruiser feels like a proper 'Holiday Rental', ... when I ride it I'm relaxed. Unfortunately I don't think that 'Relaxed' will be the word of the moment tomorrow. I must meet Sunthon and his colleagues at 7am tomorrow, ...... Bangkok Taxi Bikes start work rudely early.
At every stop on the route south people take time to look at the 'Farang' on the weird motorcycle. Unlike in other countries, .... the people here keep a safe and discreet distance, it is only when I greet them in Thai that they will approach and talk. Unfortunately that is when it all goes horribly wrong. I can say 'Hi' and 'Bye', but beyond that, ... if they respond with proper sentences, ..... I'm totally lost and confused.
I accidentally manage to take in a few more temples, ..... not by design but more through lack of sense of direction. I thought that heading towards Bangkok would be easier than heading to the smaller town of Chai Nat ,... more signposts etc. Unfortunately, ...... trying to pick the correct route and avoid Police interference by staying off the forbidden roads is far more difficult that I imagined. I eventually ended up in an area of Bangkok that is unfamiliar to me. I employed the services of a local courier to find my way to a hotel. I give him 50TB with the promise a further 50 if he can get me there, ..... he's fast, but we make it in one piece.
Sleep may be a scarce commodity tonight, .... I am a little more than apprehensive about my day tomorrow, .. but a promise is a promise and I'll do my best to uphold the good name of CitySprint here in Bangkok.

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