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Post 124: Leaving Seoul

Mike and Jo are from Australia, ... but despite that, ... they're actually a great couple ;-). We first met in Vladivostok when we found their BMW R1150GS parked outside of a hotel and left a brief note for them. When we returned to our bikes, .. Mike and Jo had reciprocated with a note of their own. Eventually we ended up at Vlad Moto where Mike and Jo used the Iron Tiger's workshop facilities to clean the bike and change to a new set of tyres. The following day they were setting off for Seoul and onwards back to Australia. They've been traveling around the globe for two years and when we finally said farewell to them, ... we believed it would probably be for the last time.

Amazingly, last night in Seoul Alan once again bumped into Mike and Jo and arranged for us to meet up for drinks and dinner later that evening. A city the size of London, in a country where they were not supposed to be, ...... and we meet by chance!!!!. It transpires that they really don't want their amazing journey to end and have enjoyed South Korea so much, ... they've decided to remain here for a few more days, ...... good news for all really.

Unfortunately, I missed the drinks and dinner and instead spent a joyous evening in a warm bath at the guest house trying to deflate the angry uprising of a long standing hernia. I should have had it fixed before I left home but the 'Hospital Appointment' only arrived two days before departure, .... so I didn't. When the bike fell from it's side stand at a petrol station near Volgograd I should have let it fall, .... but I didn't. 300Kg's of fully laden Triumph Tiger against 70Kg's of aging courier with a hernia, ..... there could only be one winner, ...... 'ouch'. For the past six weeks it's been a bit of a pain in the groin, .... but so long as I don't walk, run, carry anything or sit on a bike, ... I'm fine. It would have been a great parting evening for the four of us, ..... but I sort of guess that at some point in time, .. we will meet again.

I made my way to Incheon Airport this morning and caught an amazingly cheap flight to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Airways. I've always wanted to see the 'Petronas Towers' which until 2004, were the worlds tallest buildings. Wow, .... they look absolutely stunning, ... I should know, I've just looked at them on the Internet. Unfortunately today, ........ the fog is so thick that I can see absolutely bugger all in real life. It's a hell of a long way to come just to browse 'Google Images'. On a brighter note, .. the current 'Tallest Building' is now in Taipei, ..... and I'm going there as part of an amazingly cheap 'Round Robin' air ticket, ...... I just hope it's not cloudy there too.

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sisinlaw said...

Good God, man. Get that hernia fixed before you get to the US. Otherwise you'll get the "walletectomy" every US patient experiences, regardless of ailment or income.