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Post 76: Novisibirsk

Just as Alan’s cashcard refused him any access and politely asked him to call into the local branch of his bank, we met Fred and Asi. Driving a modified Toyota Hilux from their homes in Switzerland they’re heading down into China. We talked for a while, exchanged email addresses and moved on.
Several hours later we stopped to talk with Roland, a cyclist from Germany making his way down into China and overcoming many additional challenges to do so. Just as we finished filling his MRS with fuel, … Fred and Asi arrived and brewed coffee for us all. I set out in search of a camping ground and the five travellers spent a night beside an unknown river sharing stories and vodka in equal measures.
The next morning we set off at our separate paces, …. perhaps never to see them again. It seems that throughout Russia we’ve never actually travelled alone and this new day would end by us meeting Rick, a BMW rider heading also to Mongolia.

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John From Canada said...

GOOD to Hear from you guys!!
We were getting worried,

Ride safe