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Post 75: Polish Bikers to Mongolia

We’re making good progress on bad roads and the police are no longer a problem. It’s our habit to stop whenever we see other ‘Overlanders’ and exchange information, replenish supplies, exchange spare parts etc. This is especially true when we meet cyclists where we’ll replenish their water and cooking fuel.
Just after breakfast we passed Brian, an overland cyclist from California heading to Hong Kong. ( Brian is the fourth person that we’ve met so far who has been to Boonville in California. Given that the official population of Boonville is probably around 1,000 people, …. it’s one mighty famous place and Alan is really looking forward to seeing exactly why so many people know of it. We chatted with Brian for about an hour and then moved on to enter Asia for the second time.
At the ‘Asia Line’ we met up with five Polish guys on an assortment of bikes . They were heading down to Mongolia for six weeks of off-road riding and were celebrating their first entry into Asia by each having their hair fashioned in an unusual pattern. I was invited to join in the celebration but it’s taken me forty years to loose this much hair and I don’t need any assistance with rest, …. thank you very much, .. but niyet.
For three days we rode long miles with these guys and spent three nights rough camping and drinking Vodka and Raki together around campfires in Siberia. When our paths parted just west of Novisibirsk it was sad to see them go and so very tempting to follow them. We wish them all the best and hope that one day our paths will cross again

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