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Post 70: Volgograd

The tyres had arrived early and the bikes were in Roman’s new workshop where the two mechanics worked to fit the new rubber and generally check the bikes over. It had been our intention to ride both bikes back to the Hotel Tourist and prepare for an early start in the morning, …. but Alan had forgotten his keys. However, we’re in Volgograd where such minor details are irrelevant.
It’s decided that we’ll stay for an extra day, ….. at our hosts expense. We’re taken on another high-speed tour of the city with Roman and the beautiful Hadjet. Hadjet is intrigued by the story of Poor Circulation and as an interpreter for a Russian oil company speaks perfect English. Again we’re wined and dined and end the evening at a ‘Bikers Bar’ where we meet locals with an assortment of bikes ranging from a ‘Tricked Hyabusa’ to a ‘Chopped Ural’ of uncertain vintage. The mosquitoes are hungry tonight and are feasting on my blood, …. but strangely they leave Alan alone. Hadjet warns me ‘You should fear the mosquito in Siberia, … they are very large’, …. She mimics a helicopter. A ‘Business Associate’ of Roman’s laughs out loud, … ‘don’t worry about the mosquito in Siberia, …. you should only worry about the Mafia’.

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