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Post 72: Leaving Volgograd

We leave Volgograd under overcast skies which perfectly reflect our moods. Roman and Slava come to wave us goodbye before enjoying a day together on their boat. We're riding north along the Volga we hope to make Ufa in three days, …. the Volga is a very long river. Every mile north feels like a miles wasted and a mile further from the protection that we had been afforded in Volgograd. The day is uneventful, the roads congested and the going is slow. We stop for fuel around sunset and ask about the availability of camping.

It may be coincidence, but Poor Circulation have without fail accidentally asked the right question of the right person at the right time, ….. on every occasion. The man beckoned his son ‘Serge’ who spoke a little English. They owned the Motel at the rear of the filling station, … we were welcome to stay as their guests, … free of charge.

The room provided for us was actually and old cargo container now posing as an outbuilding but it gave us everything that we could possibly need. We shared the room with a cat, four tiny kittens and a serious collection of erotic art, … a perfect end to an otherwise uneventful day.

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