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Post 63: Friendly Bikers

With the exception of scooters, here in Russia we’ve found very few bikers on the roads. After enlisting the help of the Sochi main Honda dealer to source replacement tyres we now understand why there are so few. Large capacity motorbikes in Russia are expensive, …. Very expensive.

As in all countries, bikers will help other bikers. After following the directions of the Russian family to the suitable camping ground, … and getting hopelessly lost, we came across a Honda CBR 1000 sitting outside of a small café in Apseronsk and sought there help. Jirair Bagdasarjan and his friends were more than happy to help and we followed the Fireblade to a small motel on the edge of town. It wasn’t the camp ground we’d expected but after such a day, … it was more then deserved.

We were shown upstairs to a ‘Private Apartment’ complete with sauna, hot tub, full sized snooker table and the most amazing power-shower with secure parking thrown in and apart from the ‘Bung’ mentioned below, ….. we’re still running to budget (If not to schedule).

Tyres remain an issue and it may be necessary to spend an extra couple of days in Volgograd where we hope to have two sets of UK Michelins sent to us and have them fitted locally. Unfortunately the sizes we require are just not available here in Russia, … at any price. Actually getting to Volgograd is going to take a couple of days longer than we anticipated and we’ll probably wont arrive there until Sunday or Monday, … possibly Tuesday but definitely no later than Friday.

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