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Post 34: Eskdale & Waswater (UK)

It's dark, it's cold and it's raining but we really don't care, ......... we're having the longest weekend of our lives and most other folks are probably going back to work on Monday morning. You should be jealous, we'll dry out eventually and if your going to get wet, then Waswater is possibly the most beautiful place in England to do so.
The Tigers are heavy but they've actually handled quite well so far. I've currently got too much weight over the rear of the bike and the front end feels quite vague (it didn't feel great to begin with) and in slow filtering traffic it's an absolute nightmare which is a good excuse to keep well away from the beaten track.On the motorways they're amazingly comfortable and in the interests of saving the bikes and therefore money, we're taking it easy and averaging over 55mpg. We came over Hardknott Pass with the front wheels constantly pawing the air, .... but with a little weight adjustment they'll be just fine. Off-Road the Anakee tyres feel just like normal road rubber and it will be interesting to see how they cope with anything rougher or wetter, but then it will be more interesting to see how 'We' cope with that too. On the plus side, with all of the luggage on the bike the suspension is so compressed that I can actually touch the floor with both feet. If we do go to the Nurburg Ring next week, ..... then it's definitely a case of 'Luggage Off' before doing any serious laps.
We've got great friends with us; Daz is here for another day before riding off to Whitby whilst Steve and Nicky Kelly have driven up with Alan's phone and have just presented us with a 'Poor Circulation' cake. Tomorrow we'll ride down to Wales and meet up with a group of guys from and in the meantime, .... we'll eat pie and raise a few glasses to those who can't come with us, ...... Cheers.

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