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Post 30: 'Departure Day'

'I should write something profound and inspirational here, ....... but I'm too shattered to even think' ....... Blue88

It's 21st April 2008, Queen Elizabeth's Birthday and Departure Day for Poor Circulation. Tonight we'll head down to the Ace Cafe at 7pm for The Riders Digest 'National-Bash'. It'll be the first time we've ridden the fully loaded Tigers through London and it's going to be a whole lot of fun trying to negotiate rush-hour traffic. The loaded Tiger's are wide, so wide that they appear on Google Earth and each pannier has it's own independent postcode, ... 'A406 Frustration' here we come. It's a bit of a fraud really as although we'll have all of the camping kit on the bikes, .... we're actually returning to our respective homes for a last night of comfort.
On Sunday I added the eMail address to the Blog and Website and the response from well wishers has been amazing. Although we sit and pour out drivel onto these blogs every few days, it's a strange feeling to know that some folks actually take the time to read them, ...... but many thanks to those who have sent messages it really gives us a major boost when we're both totally knackered.
On Tuesday we're heading up to Darlington in County Durham ready for the departure from St Teresa's Hospice on Woodlands Road at 11am on Wednesday 23rd April. This was to have been our original departure point, but as with many things, ...... we've changed the plans as we've gone along. We're now leaving the Farleigh Hospice in Broomfield, Chelmsford at 1pm on Tuesday 29th April before heading down to Dover for the P&O ferry to France. I don't think I'll feel as if we've started our journey until I start riding on the wrong side of the road, ... so hopefully I'll remember to do that ;0)
We're due to collect the passports with the Russian visas on the day that we head down to Dover for the ferry. 'Real Russia' assure us that they will be ready on time and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. That's reassuring and what else could possibly go wrong?, ....... a fuel shortage while we're in Scotland?, .... never.

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