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Post 23: 'CitySprint, .... they deliver'

'I mentioned early on that I recognize there are hurdles, and that we are going to achieve those hurdles' ..... GWB
I should really apologise for using so many 'Bushism's' in my opening quotes, but they're such a rich source of appropriate material that it would be foolish to ignore them. Anyway, as they probably say in Texas, ..... you don't take hamburgers to a steak supper.
When we set about bringing all of the elements of Poor Circulation together, we wrote 'Begging Letters' to various companies asking for small contributions by way of 'Kit' and 'Spare Parts'. It was the only way that we could possibly achieve our objective of riding around the world on such a limited budget. Our lack of money was indeed a major hurdle, .... but it was a hurdle that we knew we could eventually achieve. This approach has been amazingly successful and over the past few weeks packages from various organisations have been arriving in a constant stream. The generosity of the many mostly small organisations has amazed us. Alan and I are not 'Ewan & Charlie', we can't promise that donor's will achieve record sales on the back of our efforts or that we'll convert a new generation to Adventure Motorcycling, but never the less they've supported us. The really humbling part in all of this is that none of our 'Supporters' have asked for anything in return; No Publicity Shots, No Bigging-UP of Products, not even a request to mention their support in our various media millimeters. We will of course give credit where credit is due but we'll also be honest about the things that work well, ..... and those that fall short of the mark. Sure, the majority of our begging letters probably ended up in 'File 13', like the cheeky request for free fuel from BP, but if you keep your expectations low, you'll seldom be disappointed.
Obviously we have to carry everything that we'll need with us on the bikes. We've tried to minimise what we carry by researching what we'll actually be able to purchase at various points along the way. It is a given that things will break and parts will wear out and where possible we have planned for this and are taking a limited amount of spare parts with us, .... but there are limits. However, CitySprint have agreed to support us by doing what they do best, ... worldwide delivery. By providing us with a 'Contact Point' in London, we now have the comfort in knowing that whatever parts we require, and wherever in the world we are, CitySprint will get it too us and keep the wheels of Poor Circulation turning. I've convinced Alan that CitySprint's offer of help doesn't quite stretch to delivering Steak Pies to regions where Cabbage and Pork Fat are the only menu options, but knowing that an emergency replacement tyre or a fuel coupling bayonet are only an email away gives us a much greater sense of security and a far better chance of success.
To those who've supported us by providing parts and services, ... and to those individuals who have donated directly to our respective charities, ..... we THANK YOU.

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