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Post 25: 'Nothing Left to do, ... but to Go'

'Beer, the cause and solution for all of life's problems' ........ Homer J Simpson
Considering that I'm not a 'Big Drinker', beer seems to have played an important role throughout the planning stages of Poor Circulation. I was under the amber influence when I first informed The Riders Digest of my plans and thus committed myself to the journey, Alan Kelly was halfway to oblivion when he finally decided to come along with me and it was the same bravery juice that allowed us to ask for most of the free goods that have made this whole enterprise possible. All praise to the ale.
The picture to the left was taken a few weeks ago and since then things have moved along at pace. Thankfully excepting several stitches in my head and a few more injections in my arm, .... the news from Poor Circulation HQ is all good. We've just had our travel insurance accepted on standard rates by Worldwide Insure, .... last night some 'Geordie Bloke' donated £100 to St Teresa's Hospice via my charity page, ...... a neighbour is taking the remaining half of a Suzuki Bandit off my hands and the old BMW has just passed its 'Reserve Price' on eBay, .... life really doesn't get much better than this. (Sadly the money form the BMW sale isn't mine to keep, but I guess you can't have your K75 and eat it). Apart form obtaining the Russian Visas, everything else that we need to do before departure is simply Garnish and not Substance. I've basically packed up my apartment and the few things that I haven't sold and want to keep for my eventual return will go into storage just before we leave. For the first time in years I feel that I now know exactly where I am. I don't mean this to sound poncy, but looking at a loaded bike, a plastic wallet filled with documents and two suitcases containing the remains of my life makes everything seem so clear. I've even worked out that after I've packed the clothes that I'm using on the trip, I can wear my remaining wardrobe on a 'total loss' basis and thus avoid any laundry before we go, .... Result.
Things can still go horribly wrong and I'm sure that lots probably will, but we've done everything that we can in the time that we've had to make this thing work. Basically, we are both totally knackered and need a decent holiday to get over it. This weekend, as ready as we ever will be, we'll take it easy and no doubt raise a glass or three to those who've helped us this far and to the biking friends who knew of our plans but who are sadly no longer around to wave us farewell: Russel (CitySprint), Beef (Bowes Wino's), Eric (Bowes Wino's), Peter (CitySprint), Big Sev (Bowes Wino's) and Eon (Boxertrix).

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