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Post 32: Squires Milk Bar (UK)

We were due to meet an old friend Darryl Booker (Daz/Moggy) at Squires before riding onto Whitby for our first night under canvas. Reliable as ever, Daz arrives as planned at 1pm, ...... unfortunately Poor Circulation were still approximately 200 miles south and beginning to understand why everyone had advised us to take at least a full year in the 'Planning Stage'. Eventually we found some extra bungee's, stacked the bikes high and wide and headed north to meet him. We're not totally thoughtless, ... we did keep him informed by text and invented a whole list of reasonable excuses for our tardiness. Unfortunately, as Daz was at the beginning of a weeks touring, he'd switched off his phone to conserve the battery, ... oops!.

So we started on the basis that the sooner we get behind, the longer we have to catch up and to my mind, ... that's actually quite logical. We decided that as it was getting dark when we arrived at Squires we'd pitch tents and spend the night there. A good plan indeed, supported by copious quantities of local ale and some of the rudest saturated fats this side of the Pennines, .... gorgeous. Hats off to the bikers at Squires who all seemed to have covered more miles than we had and looked in general a hell of a lot better for it than we did, ... tough breed theses Yorkshire folks.

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