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Post 19: 'Happy Easter'

'Viking, Forties, Tyne, Dogger Bank, Fisher, German Bight: veering south west 4 or 5, occasionally 6. Thundery showers. Moderate or good, occasionally poor. Beep Beep Beep Beep Beeeeeeep' ...... The Shipping Forecast from the BBC

It's Easter, .. therefore it snows. This weekend should have been the ideal opportunity to head off on the bikes for a spot of camping; testing the equipment, loading luggage, tent erection exercises, all necessary tasks that we need to 'shake-down' before we set off some thirty days from now. Unfortunately snow stopped play. For a pair of would-be travellers, about to head off to Siberia and Alaska, ..... snow should be a minor irritation and certainly not a show stopper. But hey, ....... we might be a little slow but we're certainly not stupid.
You've got to understand that here in England, were really not too good at 'doing snow'. We spend billions of tax pounds (supposedly) on our transport infrastructure but everything grinds to a frozen halt at the years first dusting of snow. Schools close, trains stop running and the road system falls into even greater chaos, yet other countries just seem to get on with it. I'm beginning to think that 'Snow' is not so much a weather phenomenon but more of a convenient excuse for a couple of duvet days. Personally speaking, .... that's a band wagon I'm more than happy to board.
Thankfully my village of Great Saling has an amazing pub, The White Hart. When it snows, the passing trade stops and we have the place all to ourselves and thus lots of room for opening maps and spilling beer without the fear of violent retribution. And so it was that we ditched the idea of camping and decided to do bugger-all instead, ........ a good choice.

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