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Post 18: 'Oooops, ... the Wrong Direction''

'The distance between sanity and genius is measured only by success' ....... Bruce Feirstein

At last the V5 ownership document arrived for my Tiger, ...... I really don't know what all the fuss was about. Things were really starting to move along nicely at Poor Circulation HQ with deliveries of spare parts, tools and camping equipment arriving every day courtesy of generous supporters. When things are going this smoothly, especially if I've organised them, ..... you just know it's all about to go horribly wrong. And so it was, ...... Poor Circulation was once again about to head off in the wrong direction.

We'd decided to use Carole Nash for our travel insurance; £77.40 for annual worldwide cover. I telephoned them for the precise quote today and spoke to an amazingly 'Happy to Help' guy called Steve, ..... '£1,765.45, ...... Sir, Cash or Cheque?'. Wow, .... in the pub with my mates, my Suzuki AP50 did 62mph flat on the tank and my wheelies were almost vertical, ..... but stretching £77.40 to £1,756.45 in the blink of a mouse is really taking the p**s. Apparently, 'Annual Worldwide Cover' means that we're covered for 365 days, anywhere in the world, but we have to return home every 30 days and start all over again. So subtract 24 needless flights from the equation and the premium rises by an amazing £1,700. 'What you need Sir is an Annual Single Trip Worldwide Cover Policy'. Eer, ... No Thanks Bonny Lad. We're now using 'Worldwide Insure' ..... so fingers crossed.

Foolishly, my next administrative quest was in the direction of Russia. As it will take us the best part of three months to cross this vast land, we need a Business Visa. It's not that difficult to acquire: A friendly business in Russia to 'Invite' you, your Passport, a Photograph, a completed Application Form and a few of our British Pounds. We expect to cross into Russia on 1st June and logically, our visa's should begin on that date. However, we can't apply for the Visa's until 45 days prior to their start date. This means we apply for them on or around 18th April and the visa will take approximately 3 weeks to prepare, .......... by which time Poor Circulation will be sunning themselves in Northern Turkey. (Hopefully). So, we can't apply prior to 18th April and we leave for France on 1st of May, ..... and I guess we'll need our Passports with us. Apparently a letter from Alan's Mom excusing us from normal immigration formalities will no longer cut the Dijon with our European cousins, .... bugger. The only solution is to pay more for an 'Express Service' and receive the Passports 3 days before departure. Even for me, ...... that is a little close to the wire not to mention bloody expensive.

Dejected, I opened an email from my brother in Booneville California only to discover that the towns best pub, 'The Highpockerty Ox' has closed down. We'd planned to spend a little time in Booneville unwinding and rediscovering the joy of Beds and Home Cooking. With The Ox' now closed for business and the alternate bar being nicknamed 'The Bucket of Blood', ....... we might just stick to Route 1 and keep heading south.

We'll let you know how we get on, but this week seems to have been one step forward and two steps backwards, .... so no real change then.

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