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Post 17: 'Countdown to Departure'

'Poor Circulation, ...... probably the best 'no budget' motorcycle adventure in the world'.

Departure date is coming quickly now. We're joining The Riders Digest Magazine at the Ace Cafe on the evening of Monday 21st April for our first 'Departure'. After the Ace Cafe we travel north via Squires Milk Bar to Darlington. The moment we ride our bikes out of St Teresa's Hospice in Darlington at 10am on 23rd April 2008, ... Poor Circulation will officially be on it's way. From there, we head up to Scotland, across to Gretna (NO,.. we're not the 'Marrying Kind') and then down to Boot in Eskdale for what is quite possibly the best Steak & Ale pie in Britain, (The Boot Inn, Eskdale) and a complimentary nights camping at the Hollins Farm Campsite. From there, we'll head down to Snowdonia to join the annual '' gathering in Betws-y-coed for a couple of nights of Boozy Banter and a day of trying to keep pace with a group of enthusiastic BMW R1100S riders.

P&O are kindly offering to ship us from Blighty to Calais on Thursday May 1st. We think our official departure from Farleigh Hospice in Chelmsford will be on Tuesday 29th April before heading down to Folkstone and camping at the Warren Site prior to leaving the UK. We hope that for the last couple of days in England, 'Team Haphazard' will be reunited for the first time since Moto Challenge 2004, ....... so listen out for the laughter.

Today, ...... a host of large parcels arrived free of charge from and Crash Bars, Spark Plugs, Oil Filters, Tools, Tee Shirts, Bulb Sets, DiD Chain & Sprocket Kits, AirHawk Seat, Ventura Luggage, Light Guards, .... the list is endless. We felt like shrunken versions of Ewan & Charlie as our garden shed HQ filled to its admittedly low rafters with essential goodies. Without the support of these companies, and many others.... Poor Circulation simply could not happen.

Early next week I'm meeting with CitySprint: 'The Worlds Favourite Courier Company', to discuss their continued support and hopefully to fit the final piece to the complex Poor Circulation puzzle. At this time, We're still two pairs of tyres short of a set, ....... so if Mick from Essential Rubber in N1, .. or FWR in SE1 are reading this, ... then be assured that sometime soon Poor Circulation will be coming knocking.

To those who have helped by way of 'Products' & 'Charity Donations', Alan and myself will be forever grateful. ........ ...... ...... ....... ..... ...... ...... ...... ..... .....

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