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Post: 7 'The Tiger is Caught'

'Time is like money, ..... the less we have of it the further we make it go' ..... Josh Billings

Time and Money were in amazingly short supply, .... though I don't think it's fair to blame China for these particular scarcities. Before Christmas the small-ads had been filled with second had Triumph Tigers for sale at bargain prices. Now, ...... they were a very rare species indeed.

Come January, Ebay, MCN and Bike Trader, .. all had Tigers for sale, but they were either cheap old 'Spoke Models' or over priced newer 'Cast Wheel' versions. I didn't want old spoke wheels as repairing punctures in inner tubes is a total pain in the arse. With the cast wheel you get tubeless tyres that can be 'Plugged' at the side of the road in a matter of seconds. (Why do I feel that this statement is going to return and haunt me?)

The budget was tight and I really had nothing left to sell. I made 'Bids' on Ebay only to see the sale prices of suitable Tigers double in the final two minutes of the auction. Conclusion: Ebay is Evil.

Then eventually it happened. I found a suitable bike, .... I employed 'Bid Assistant', .. hit 'Send' and waited, .. and waited, .. and waited. I won the auction, .... about £500 more than I had budgeted, .. but at least I had a bike for Poor Circulation. I had 7 days in which to Pay from and Collect the bike from South Yorkshire, .... which gave me almost a week to find some money. Suffice to say,.. my teeth are now totally devoid of skin, ..... and Alan Kelly was kind enough to lend me £10 for fuel in order to ride the Tiger home, ..... I kid you not, ... it was that tight.

So there we have it, ..... this Blog for Poor Circulation is now 'Up to Date'. We have 2 Triumph Tigers, ..... though I really need to do something about the 'Orangeness' of mine, .... it's more of a 'Chav with a fake-bake' than a 'Tiger', ... and that simply has to change.

Breaking News: P&O Ferries, .. 'The Worlds Favourite Ferry Company' is so keen to get Alan and myself out of this country, ..... that they have agreed to Ship the whole Poor Circulation package to Calais, ... For Free ... Result. So please, ...... if you ever feel the need to sail away from these shores, or to crusie in warmer waters ... then Only Ever Use 'P&O', ........ anything else would be a 'Compromise' too far.


Al said...

Ere Geoff, wezme tenner? By the way mate, your spelling mistakes are much funnier than your jokes....

'Blue 88' said...

They's not spelling mistakes bonny lad,.. that's Geordie.