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Post: 6 'No Turning Back'

'Do Be Do Be Do'. ..... Sinatra

Lets be honest, .... Poor Circulation is an act of pure self indulgence. It's something that in one form or another, I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember and as such, .... it is also something that I could so easily postpone if things became 'Complicated', ... or if it turned out 'Wet' on departure day. We had a list of jobs as long as my Visa Statement and we were employing the principle of: 'The sooner we get behind, .. the longer we have to catch up'.

At the outset I'd decided to try and raise some money for charity, ... or at least a good cause. It's not that I'm 'Altruistic', .. for me Charity has always begun at home, ... and more often than not, .. that is exactly where it has stayed. I hoped that doing something for 'Others' would somehow reduce my own guilt about buggering off around the world and leaving my responsibilities behind in a 'Big Yellow' storage box.

So, .... Poor Circulation would at least doff its cap towards raising some money for charity, ..... and the choice of charity was really quite easy, ..... or so I thought. Logic (IE: Availability of 'Free Stuff'), suggested that an 'International' or at the very least 'National' charity would have greater appeal. But to be honest the only major charitable association connected with my family is 'St Teresa's Hospice' in Darlington. If you don't know what a Hospice actually does for those who require their Services, ....... then in the nicest possible way, .... I hope that you never need to discover first hand.

Once I had met with St Teresa's and committed to raise money on their behalf, ....... there was simply no turning back. 'Selfish' & 'Irresponsible' are words that sit quite easily on my not so broad shoulders, ..... but I came out of a meeting with the Hospice Directors feeling like a proper 'Grown-Up', ... wow. A great feeling, ..... but bollocks, .... that was it, .... no other choice but to do it. Other people were now counting on Poor Circulation to stop all of the bullshit and actually do something constructive, ....... time to catch me a Triumph Tiger.

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