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Post: 2 'Initial Planning'

'When given the choice between two alternatives, .... always pick the third' .... Patrick Sullivan.

First, .. catch your Tiger. Well actually, first buy a map. To be totally honest, if you draw a line on a map of the world, from London to London, .... it is really quite easy. OK, .... folks keep changing the names of various countries and whilst that is their prerogative, it did make my orignal Readers Digest Atlas look woefully out of date. Incidentally, when did Burma become Myanmar? The plan in short is to leave Darlington on St George's Day, 23rd April 2008, head down through Europe, Croatia and Ukraine into Russia. Depending on 'Visas', drop down into Kazakhstan and Mongolia before rising back into Russia to Irkutsk. That leaves a long ride along uncertain roads across Siberia to either Magadan or Vladivostok in Eastern Russia. Originally Magadan offered the best onward passage to Alaska. Unfortunately, Magadan Airlines have declared bankruptcy and no alternate exit is available. So,... it looks like Vladivostok. I really wanted to go into China. Unfortunately, the Chinese Authorities insist on offering the 'non-optional' support of an 'Official Government Guide' for the duration of your stay. The main downside of that is, ..... Chinese Government Guides do not do 'Rough Camping'. I was asked, ... 'will you be staying in 4 or 5 Star Hotels Sir?' I'm still not sure what the mandarin for 'Bivvi Bag' is, ..... but needless to say, China is no longer a valid option. Hey Ho, ..... I'll save China for my next mid-life crisis. Now,.. from Vladivostok, it looks like the only route out is via Japan or Korea. Having no money, Japan is difficult as they require a dreaded 'Carnet' (Basically an international insurance policy that guarantees to pay the host country a ridiculous amount of money should I decide to sell my bike whilst visiting), so it look likes Korea, ..... but the Southern Part, ...... a lot less nuclear than the North, ... allegedly. Just a thought,... how do I get across the North to enter the South, .... detail detail detail. Oh, .. on the subject of 'carnet', .... that is another reason for avoiding India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Well, ..... it's just 'detail', but several war-zones also make a route into India quite interesting, and since beginning the planning stage, Vietnam and Thailand have banned motorbikes above 125cc from entering the country, ... Bugger.
So, .... arriving as if by magic in North America, I'll ride through Canada down 'Route 1' to Booneville, one time resting place of Ted Simon and now home to my elder and wiser brother and his family. Assuming I mange to resist the temptation and comforts of a real bed, I'll continue down Route 1 and into Mexico before running for the east coast and a freight container home.
See,.. not even the mention of a Visa (Other than Russia) and home in time for dinner. Honestly,. if you ignore the detail, it really is quite easy. I do need to get myself a Bike though, ... I suspect that a Yamaha XT600 would be ideal, ...... but I guess that in my parents eyes, only a Triumph would be acceptable.

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No joke, I bet that's your actual map