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Post: 3 'Breaking The News'

'Always do what you want, and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, .... and those who matter don't mind'. ..... Dr Seuss

To be totally honest, .... there wasn't exactly what you could call a 'Plan' for Poor Circulation, it was really no more substantial than an embryonic idea. An idea that was planted by Ted Simon in the 1970's, lay dormant for years, only to be reignited when I decided that it was time for my very own mid-life crisis. I had watched 'Long Way Round' and have to admit that I was raked with jealousy and envy, but such an adventure on that scale was never on my own personal radar. I picked up a book by Emelio Scotto 'The Longest Ride', a 10 year 500,000 mile motorcycle journey several times around the globe with an initial budget of $300 and no bike. Hell,... by this Argentinian adventurers standards, I was more than half way there, ... I didn't have $300,.. but I did have a bike, ..... even if it wasn't the Bike I needed.

The Internet is an amazing place and I'm sure that too many people spend too much of their short lives living within its ever expanding pages. It is so easy to navigate the world with 'Google Earth', or to follow the adventures of others who are doing it for real through websites such as 'Horizons Unlimited', .. but no matter how wonderful the web might be, ..... it is not a 'Life', .... first, .... second or even third. The Internet has many problems, but one area where it is totally fit for purpose, ..... is in the dissemination of information. In response to an innocent question posted on a Bike related website, ...... I mentioned 'Poor Circulation', ... and from the moment that I hit 'Send', .... my fate was cast.

Over the coming weeks, I worked on developing the 'Plan' and exploring the possibilities of obtaining 'free stuff' and thus reducing the actual amount that it would cost to complete the journey. I began to tell people about Poor Circulation and accidentally, but thankfully,... talked to the 'Can Do' people before the doubting 'Fun Sponges' could soak up my enthusiasm and energy. Those that had open minds wished me well, ..... whilst those that had never been anywhere (and possibly never would) warned me of the obvious dangers of travelling in general and motorcycling adventures in particular. Of course they were right, .. but then as far as I am concerned, ..... life is a disease anyway, .. sexually transmitted and invariably fatal. What you do with the 'bits in the middle' determines what mark you leave behind. OK,.. so my 'Mark' will be more 'Skidmark' than 'Benchmark', ... but none the less, ..... any 'Mark' is better than an 'Ungraded'.

Then, one sunny Saturday lunchtime over Beef and Ale Pie in Essex's finest eatery, The White Hart, Great Saling, Braintree (Shameless Promotion, ... I'm just a total Pie Whore really, .. especially if free), I told a Triumph Tiger riding friend about my plans. A predictable humorous exchange of views took place before achieving the inevitable adventure story conclusion, ..... he wanted to come with me. So that was it, ...... no turning back. Alan Kelly, 'Highways Engineer Extraordinaire' and part time 'Funny Guy' was to double the size of 'Poor Circulation', .... well, at 6'6" he was slightly more than doubling it, ..... but at 20 Stone, .... I was sure as hell not going to 'uninvite him'

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