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Post 208: Statistics, Lies and Waiting Lists

'We have just 24 hours in which to save the NHS', .... he was 'Flash' and his sidekick was 'Gordon'. The year was 1997 and the dynamic Rt Honourable Gentleman for Sedgfield was hailed as the saviour of a Nation that was allegedly sinking without trace, .... it seems like only yesterday.
Nil by mouth for 14 hours and resplendent in my rear-entry gown, the consultant prodded, poked, humm'd and harrr'd before finally declaring that I had a hernia which required a surgical procedure, ...... No sh*t Einstein!!!!
With a sense of relief similar to that experienced when reaching the seemingly furthest motorway service station with the fullest of bladders, I'd arrived at the hospital expecting my torturous condition to be entering it's final day, .... but just how wrong could I have been? Looking back over the paperwork with the benefit of hindsight, I'd clearly been presumptuous in thinking that I was actually entering hospital for the condition to be rectified. However, when my own GP had diagnosed the problem and referred me to the hospital, with the explicit instructions of 'Nil by Mouth' for 14 hours before hand, .... I'd expected far more than a second opinion on a fact that was to the naked eye of a blind-man, quite bloody obvious. I've now been placed on a new waiting list for the operation, so instead of having one lengthy waiting list, which looks bad on statistical statements, there are now two slightly shorter lists, ...... target achieved.
On the bright side, it gives me three free days in which to catch up on writing the book, ... which at the moment seems to be moving one chapter forward and two chapters back (Not entirely unlike the journey itself really). I've also managed to catch up on some basic 'Admin', hence the photograph above. 'Mike' (London Biker) asked me where his name appeared on the bike, ... and for the past month I've been promising to send him a photograph. Well, at last here it is, .... the 'Biker' part of the script has clearly been warn away; not unlike my patience with the NHS, ..... but to all of those who have donated to St Teresa's Hospice, ... Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff,
You are a star in the true sence of the word. Well done to you and all your other sponcers that appear here. I feel honoured to have been a part of your inspiration for the trip. Take care and get the rest and much needed repair work sorted out.
Many thanks again,
Mike (London biker)

'Blue 88' said...

Thanks Mike, ... without the individual's who donated to St Teresa's Poor Circulation would have felt an awful lot different. Many Thanks to each and everyone of you, .... and I'll post pictures of the other names soon.