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Post 205: Khon Kaen, North Eastern Thailand

It's Wednesday 3rd of December and the Thai Courts have decided that the Government Leaders are all guilty of election fraud and have banned them from office for the next five years. A new Prime Minister will be appointed within the week and the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) are abandoning their airport protests in Bangkok. Flights are due to resume from midnight on Thursday, ....... but chaos and confusion are expected, ...... welcome to my world.

The bad news is that my airline are refusing to answer their telephone. I contacted their offices in London and Abu Dhabi and was informed that I must make contact with the local office in Bangkok. I've invested in a local Sim Card and spent all day calling their offices. When eventually they answer the telephone, the receiver is picked up and then instantly replaced. I'm trying to reschedule my return flight, ...... I'll let you know what happens but I might be late home.

The disgruntled Europeans who've plagued my ordinarily happy nature have at last vacated the hotel. This means that I can now enter and leave this fine establishment without having to hide behind baggage trolley's and potted plants, ... small mercies. In Khon Kaen, I'm eating like a king and spending like a pauper, ... which is a great combination. You really should try it sometime, but perhaps not in England, you'll just poison yourself. My taste buds are gradually re-acclimatising themselves to spicy food and I've been reintroduced to the awesome power of the tiny red chili. This is good news, ..... it's not much fun having a street full of smiling people watching the 'farang' take his first mouthful of 'Phet Food', no doubt hoping that the inevitable comedy moment will follow. Whilst I like to spread a little humour, I hate to suffer for my art. It's just as well that my taste buds have acclimatised, ..... I'm dining out with a young lady tonight and I'd like to avoid embarrassing myself on the first course. If my memory serves me well, .... I think that this evening's rendezvous used to be known as a 'Date', but the last time that I had one of those we were eating lark's tongue pies washed down with tankards of ale and mead. I've even gone out and bought myself a proper shirt for the occasion, .... it has buttons and everything, .... so wish me luck.


Danski said...

Well done Geoff, but remember, play hard to get or she wont respect you in the morning.

Keep up the good work,
Danny F.

Anonymous said...

Hope it goes well Geoff. After all you've probably traveled the longest distance to go on a first date in the history of the world.


Anonymous said...

Come on then, 'fess did it go ?