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Post 203: Bangkok, Heading North

Monchit Bus Terminal in Northern Bangkok is always busy, ... even at 7am on a Sunday morning when the rest of the City had been silently waking to a beautiful sunny day of uncertainty, .... this place was still a heaving mass of happy humanity.

I'd expected many more expats to be there but I saw few 'Farang' in the crowds. The buses North to Khon Kaen were running frequently and the tickets were thankfully cheap. Along with a broad cross-section of Bangkok's society, I boarded the freshly decorated 'Magna' inspired coach and took a seat ready for the six hour journey. Before even introducing myself to the nearest neighbours, ..... I was asleep. Six hours later, I thought I'd woken in the busy City of Khon Kaen, ....... except I hadn't.

I looked at my watch, less than a single hour had passed and we were stationary at the side of the main road, the air conditioning was silent and a smell of acrid smoke lingered in the air around me. We'd broken down, ...... a replacement bus would be with us within 2 hours, possibly 3 at the most. On the grass verge, avoiding speeding mopeds and Green Vipers, I chatted with three other's who were heading to Khon Kaen, ... the verdict was unanimous, ........ 'Taxi'.


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thats a thoughful thing you are doing and i feel you are such a good son

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Jason Simonds said...

..ther eis just no fear or loss of hope for a mam in your condition... is there?!?!

Awesome was good to hear from you... had me concerned for a bit!.