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Post 163: Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night I arrived in Las Vegas, I rode up and down the 'Strip', I then secured the bike and walked the same route again, ... Las Vegas is geographically speaking, not as big as I'd expected. I should hate this place, I'm not a 'city person' and the attractions here are things that I generally take time to avoid. However, .... there is something about this place, it is vulgar, .... but it wears it's vulgarity proudly, .. it screams of excess, ... but in a very sureal 'Disney' kind of way. I didn't visit Los Angeles, ... but surely Las Vegas is the real 'Tinsel Town'? There is also a familiarity about this place, ..... the names shining bright in neon are all familiar, 'Cesar's Palace, Harrah's, Trump, Flamingo, MGM Grand, Casino Royale', ..... riding through America does actually feel like being on the worlds largest movie set.
I gather information, I take notes and watch how the systems operate, .... I check the number of roulette wheels and the number of casino's where I feel my limited wardrobe will allow access, ...... it's 2am, ..... it feels like 'rush-hour', the Strip is alive, .. perhaps it always is. I ride out to Dean Martin Drive, I've spotted a safe location for the night, away from prying eyes, enough room for the bivi bag and the bike behind a large skip on a vacant plot. I don't really sleep,.. but I do an awful lot of thinking.
By morning, my plan is set, I've checked the mathematics and there is no real reason, .... other than human interference, that should stop it from working. I've decided that the $100 that I'd originally intended to place on 'Red' at Cesar's Palace is far too large a risk, ..... my preferred stake is $0, ... I've found a way. At 10am on Monday 29th September, I begin my quest to turn Las Vegas into a 'Free Stay'.
It is now 2pm on Monday 29th of September, I'm in a motel room, $29:99 per night paid in cash, I've already eaten a nice lunch at a restaurant on 'The Strip' and I've just over $52 in my 'Day Pocket'. This morning at 10am when I left my improvised campground, .... that pocket had been empty, I carried with me not a single cent. This evening, with a change of clothing, and hopefully a change of personnel at the various casino's, I intend to grow that $52 into $250. That amount of money pays for an extra 5 days on the road, ..... if I can repeat this in Atlantic City, .... then Poor Circulation will be back on budget. Don't worry, I'm not gambling with money, I've used no money and spent none of my own money here, this is a 'No Risk' adventure, ...... it simply takes time and patience to accomplish, ... two things that I have in abundance.

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donkeyote said...

geoff - not even you can make this much from selling your body!

living in Las Vegas for free? you've been in the sun too much. come home to boonville and chill before big brother comes to get you!